Treating a Wound

These Issues Could Be Causing Your Ankle Pain

While you might associate your local podiatry clinic only with foot health, the experts who treat patients in the clinic are also skilled in helping people with ankle pain. If you've noticed some pain in your ankles, which may or may not be accompanied by foot pain, it's worthwhile to place a phone call to the clinic and secure an appointment. Your podiatrist can help you understand the reason for your pain and also provide you with help to reduce or eliminate it through a variety of methods. Here are some common issues that could be causing your ankle pain.


People who have gout often experience severe pain in their feet — and commonly in their big toe. This health issue, caused by too much uric acid in the system — typically the result of a chronically unhealthy diet — can also affect your ankles, though. If you notice that your ankles are tender or sore, swollen or even feel hot to the touch, it's possible that you have gout. This is especially likely if you're also dealing with foot pain consistent with gout. A visit to your local podiatry clinic will identify if gout is indeed the culprit and, if so, provide you with some strategies to reduce the discomfort.


You might have a good idea when you've sprained an ankle, but this isn't always the case. In some situations, you'll still be able to move awkwardly on a sprained ankle or roll it when you're playing sports or just walking without really noticing that you've injured your ankle. The result can be a strain of the ligaments, and the pain can get worse in the days after the incident. Sprained ankles are fairly common, and your podiatrist will be able to determine if a sprain is indeed responsible for the pain that you're experiencing.


Tendinitis can give you a wide range of pain symptoms, from an occasional dull ache to a sharp pain. This common ankle ailment is commonly caused by repetitive strain injuries; for example, if you're active, whether it's jogging, cycling or swimming, you might develop this inflammation of the ankle tendons that causes discomfort. There are many potential solutions to this ailment; your podiatrist can show you how to correctly ice the ankle when it's sore or might even suggest a certain type of ankle brace or support that can be worn during your physical activities to prevent inflammation. You'll also learn the ideal frequency of your workouts — and be told when it's time to give your body a rest.

For more information and treatment options for the source of your ankle pain, visit a podiatry clinic, like Affiliated Ankle & Foot Care Center.

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Treating a Wound

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