Treating a Wound

Dealing With Gout Symptoms? Get A Head Start On The Solution Before Your Podiatry Appointment

If you've begun to experience any of the symptoms that are commonly associated with gout, such as pain and inflammation of your toe joints, discomfort when walking and heat in your toes, it's a good idea to schedule a visit to your local podiatry clinic. This healthcare professional will be able to diagnose whether you're indeed dealing with gout or facing something else, as well as talk about some potential lifestyle changes that you should put into place to help these uncomfortable symptoms subside. If you can't get an appointment for a few days, there's no harm in practicing some of the advice that your podiatrist will likely give you ahead of time. Here are some suggestions.

Stop Drinking Alcohol

Ideally, you should have the discipline to cut out alcohol completely; if doing so proves challenging, even reducing your intake of alcohol is beneficial to reduce gout symptoms. Uric acid, which contributes to gout when it's at a high level in your body, is a common byproduct of alcohol consumption. It's almost certain that your podiatrist will recommend that you stop drinking alcohol, so making this change in advance of your scheduled appointment will give you some good news to share.

Reduce Your Intake Of Meat And Sugar

Like drinking alcohol, a diet that is high in meat and sugar will produce more uric acid, which heightens your risk of gout. Take a look at your typical diet each day and you may find that you're consistently consuming meats and sugars in large quantities. Regarding meat consumption, see if you can eliminate it for a few days — adopting a vegetarian diet is healthy in several ways, especially if your body is already giving you warning signs that your meat intake is too high. You should also aim to completely eliminate refined sugars, such as those in soda, candy, chocolate and other sweets. Ideally, you'll also eat fewer fruits, as these can also elevate your sugar level and contribute to the gout.

Develop A Plan For Weight Loss

Weight loss is ideal for those suffering from gout; the less pressure on your toe joints, the less pain you'll experience. Granted, you might not be able to lose a traceable amount of weight before your podiatry visit, but it doesn't hurt to start enacting some healthy habits. For example, try a form of cardiovascular exercise that is low impact so as to not hurt your feet. Swimming is an ideal example, but you might also have success with cycling. Creating these healthy habits in advance of your visit to the podiatrist is ideal because once you get his or her recommendations, you'll already be used to making these healthy changes.

For more information and advice, see if you can get into a podiatry clinic, such as Allied Ankle & Foot Care Centers PC, as soon as possible. 

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Treating a Wound

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