Treating a Wound

When it's Time to Make an Appointment with a Podiatrist

A podiatrist is a medical physician that specializes in foot and ankle care. Taking care of your feet is an important part of keeping yourself healthy. If your feet are in bad shape, it can make walking difficult, which means you aren't going to be getting much exercise. If you're having issues with your feet, you may wonder when it's time to see the podiatrist for help. Read on for information so you know when to make an appointment with the podiatrist.

You're Feeling Numbness

If you are feeling numbness in your feet, it could be a few different things. You may have numbness due to neuropathy, which is a condition that could be caused by alcoholism, diabetes or lack of nutrition. Numbness may also be due to poor circulation. If you have pain in your feet due to numbness, make an appointment with the podiatrist for an exam to figure out what is causing the numbness. Treatment may include creams to improve neuropathy, a change in your diet, or a new exercise routine to improve blood flow.

You're Feeling Pain

If you have pain in your feet, it may be caused by a number of things. Pain in the heel could be bone spurs or plantar fasciitis. You could also have falling arches, bunions, corns, or blisters. These painful conditions can be caused by not wearing proper fitting shoes that don't offer enough support or are too big or too small. Changing to a different pair of shoes may help treat some of these conditions, but if you are still feeling pain, you should see the podiatrist for treatment or surgery if required.

Your Feet Are Discolored

If you have a noticeable discoloration of your feet, whether it's your entire foot, the ankle, or just the toes, it could be due to poor circulation, an infection, frost-bite or other issues. Don't ignore this discoloration, make an appointment right away with the podiatrist for an exam and treatment. You could end up with permanent damage to your feet if you let this type of condition go for too long.

Your Ankles Are Weak

Along with your feet, your ankles are something that the podiatrist can treat. If your ankles are weak, you are having issues balancing on your ankles, or having issues walking, it's time to see the podiatrist. Weak ankles may be caused by being over-weight, or could be due to old an old injury that didn't heal properly. An x-ray and exam can help diagnose the issue and the podiatrist can give you you treatment options.

If you aren't sure when to visit the podiatrist, use the tips above. If your feet or ankles are causing you pain or issues, make an appointment today with a foot specialist.

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Treating a Wound

Several years ago, my father-in-law underwent surgery to repair damage to his intestines caused by Crohn’s disease. Unfortunately, during the surgery, my father-in-law sustained nerve damage to both of his feet. Recently, this nerve damage caused him to suffer a painful open wound on his left foot. Because his general practitioner didn’t know what to do about the wound, he sent my spouse’s father to a podiatrist. This professional recommended my father-in-law wear a cast on his foot until the wound completely healed. On this blog, I hope you will discover the most common ways podiatrists can treat foot injuries and help you manage foot pain.


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