Treating a Wound

A Look At Ongoing Clinical Trials For Certain Podiatric Conditions

Dealing with foot pain can be especially troublesome. Your feet bear your weight when you move, so there are certain conditions that can completely hinder your mobility or your ability to do the usual activities you love. Thankfully, podiatric problems are consistently being studied and new treatment methods being researched. Therefore, it is not uncommon for clinical trials to be going on at any given time, and you may be a good candidate to take part in these trials. Take a look at a few of the conditions that are often being studied in podiatry clinical trials

Diabetic Neuropathy 

Diabetic neuropathy greatly affects the feet, and people who have this condition often experience different types of foot pain or sensations. For example, people who have diabetic neuropathy may experience a feeling of needle pricks in the bottom of the feet or a severe aching feeling. Clinical trials are always being done on diabetic neuropathy because it is such a common problem that comes along with diabetes, and the drugs that are now used for the problem only help combat the symptoms and do not really do a lot for the underlying condition. Check with your podiatrist if you are interested in participating in some of these trials. 

Toenail Fungus 

Toenail fungus affects a lot of people, and it is an annoying, ugly problem that can be difficult to get rid of once it is present. Because toenail fungus is such a prevalent and hard to get rid of issue, a lot of research has been done and continues to be done on the different ways the condition could be treated. Most of these studies involve testing new products on people with toenail fungus to see if the product causes any adverse reactions and determine the effectiveness of the newly developed treatment option. 

Foot Bunions 

Bunions are a major podiatric concern for a lot of patients. These lesions in the thick skin of the foot are painful and can lead to dangerous infections and problems for people who have other health conditions like diabetes. Bunion clinical trials are often available to help carefully develop up-and-coming treatment methods for the conditions. Most bunion treatments that are available nowadays are topical agents, but there are also other treatment methods that are out there, and all new products have to go through thorough testing before they can be released as a treatment solution for patients.

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Treating a Wound

Several years ago, my father-in-law underwent surgery to repair damage to his intestines caused by Crohn’s disease. Unfortunately, during the surgery, my father-in-law sustained nerve damage to both of his feet. Recently, this nerve damage caused him to suffer a painful open wound on his left foot. Because his general practitioner didn’t know what to do about the wound, he sent my spouse’s father to a podiatrist. This professional recommended my father-in-law wear a cast on his foot until the wound completely healed. On this blog, I hope you will discover the most common ways podiatrists can treat foot injuries and help you manage foot pain.


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